This site has moved.

To where I am finally … Me, Myself and Truth.

One year ago I decided to own my brand.

Having been working under the name of Applied Sustainable Health for over 5 years, I realised I had extended my practice to an unique approach to health which included my own personal development at an incredible deep level.

That is exactly the reason why my clients seek my support and what I saw reflected on my most amazing LOGO designed by Arnaud and Lea Delcart.


And I can’t wait to shift everything onto my new website and welcome you in the journey of discovery of my world and your own full potential. 

I am in extreme gratitude to all of those who have been tutoring, mentoring, coaching and cheering me on this journey.
It has been an amazing year.

As well, I have and will keep learning from all my patients, clients and students so please keep bringing it on.

And now, go there and have a look.
Say hi!

adriana candeias_logo_black  Dr Adriana Candeias facebook  Dr Adriana Candeias facebookDr Adriana Candeias facebook