Dr Adriana T. Candeias, LCPH GAPS


After working as researcher for over 10 years in the fields of physiology and statistics, I qualified as a homeopath at the College of Practical Homeopathy UK (CPH) and have since applied my understanding of ecology to human health.

During my course at CPH, I helped setting up several low-cost homeopathic clinics in London and I am now dedicated dealing with people of different age groups with a wide variety of complaints, locally and internationally.  In my individualised and highly scientific approach to well being I apply nutrition, homeopathy, phytotherapy, iridology and counselling as assisting tools .

Alongside my clinic practice, I engage in developing the best teaching materials with Ellen Kramer at CPH, helping undergraduates comprehending and applying the principles of homeopathy to the modern patient and becoming professional and competent therapist for the future.  As an affiliate member and online-tutor at CPH, I have developed “Scientific Research Methods for Modern Homeopaths” and I also supervise homeopathy students and practitioners during their entrance years in the professional practice.

Following Dr Michel Odent & Liliana Lammers approach to pregnancy and birth, I keep applying the most recent advances in Primal Health to my practice and I have developed a unique support strategy, unblocking early emotional and physiological patterns set during gestation, at and after birth and throughout life.

Following my clinical and personal experience using different diets to address chronic illness, I have become a GAPSTM certified practitioner and I now combine several strategies in dealing with a diverse range of conditions from the autism-spectrum and auto-immune group.

I have founded Applied Homeopathy and Applied Sustainable Health as paths of application of natural therapies to the modern patient and regularly present seminars on natural healing to the general public.  I also offer talks on advanced physiology and therapeutic tools for professionals.  My most forefront subjects include Oxytocin, Gut Health and Psychosomatic related research.

I am passionate about the long-term effects of environmental factors in public health and the promotion of the ideal conditions in which every individual may attain their own full potential.

With more than 12 years work experience in community projects, I have also become a dance teacher focusing on the interrelations and the therapeutic benefits of music and body movement.

I am devoted to contribute actively to the individual wellbeing, a happier community and healthier global society.