CPD Course – Gut and chronic illness


The GUT and chronic illness

- therapy under the Primal Health perspective

by Dr Adriana Candeias, LCPH GCP

Slough, Monday, March 14th, 10:30 am Р5:30 pm

At a time when scientific studies back up the link between intestinal health and general physical wellbeing and ancient medicine systems have connected the gut with emotional states for thousands of years, the need for a new approach to healthy body and mind is needed.

How to fine-tune our ability to digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients avoiding the intake and metabolism of toxins?  How to avoid disease and to assure nourishment?

Combining the most recent research in auto-immune conditions and Primal Health, Adriana will take you on a journey through the most important factors in establishing good gut health, how chronic illnesses develops from the intestinal function and what happens in recovery.

She will focus on case analysis techniques to help practitioners better discern what needs curing in each patient case and she will share different therapeutic tools to improve gut health, including modern homeopathic methods of prescribing and remedies.

Adopting a new multidimensional perspective to the connection between the endocrine system, the immune response and mental activity, Adriana will not miss a chance to share her insights into the digestive particularities of the oxytocin process.

This seminar is a crucial update on human digestion and assimilation and it is an excellent opportunity for practitioners and students to clarify the deep core of autism-spectrum diseases, metabolic syndrome, auto-immune conditions, digestive inflammation, gynaecological and sexual problems, depression and general malaise.

You will learn how to:

  • identify gut dysbiosis and leaky gut
  • look for major causes of gut imbalance and chronic illness
  • understand gestation, birth and infancy as primal periods
  • interpret symptoms and susceptibilities
  • analyse a clinical case from Primal Health perspective
  • design homeopathic prescriptions¬†
  • apply detoxifying and dietary tools