Food for Orgasm, Sexuality and Fertility


Real foods for Thought in association with Applied Sustainable Health presents

Foods for Orgasm, Sexuality and Fertility

By Dr Adriana Candeias

Saturday, November 22nd 2014, 3:00 – 5:00pm (followed by sexy super foods taster), London, UK.

The practice of the Tao for health and longevity considered nutrition, exercise, meditation, healing herbs, massage and sexuality as tools to increase mental powers, spiritual awareness, and treating disease.  Ancient cultures were also aware that the factores that promoted fertility and the health of the out spring were the same as the ones that guaranteed general well-being. Food was always at the core of rituals that included marriage, reproduction and growth.

In this informal but formative talk we will be looking at nutrients that promote healthy sexual hormones, how to prevent gynaecological and sexual dysfunction and which are the sexual super foods. As we understand our physiological factors in fertility, we will be discussing energy expenditure and needs in orgasmic practice and we will learn dietary tools that assure a healthy mind and body, also in preparation for parenting.

The talk will be followed by a taster session on the so called “aphrodisiac” foods prepared with love and care by Katharine. Hopefully you will leave intellectually, physically and emotionally pleased.

The relaxed atmosphere will allow us to share and inspire each other on the issues of health, the environment, and human connection.

There are limited spaces so please RSVP asap and we reserve the delicious food for you.

Please arrange your booking by email
£25 (including food)