Therapeutic methodology and healing process


1.  The vital force is a homeopathic term to describe our essence of living, it operates always towards reestablishing balance, biologically towards survival, and homoeopathically (or according to Hahnemann) towards our highest individual potential. We may say the concept of vital force in Homeopathic Medicine is equivalent to chi in Tradicional Chinese Medicine, prana in Ayuverdic Medicine and life to Western physiologists.

2.  When an environmental factor intervenes against the established inner conditions, the vital force works towards rebalancing them. When, for some reason, this vital force is not able to overcome this factor and re-establish 100% balance, the body/mind adjusts in order to deal with the factor and lessen its impact.  Emotionally, a person may develop a certain attitude in life which helps him/her dealing with that imbalance. Example: loss of a loved one – inability to recover – inability to love again.  Although this is done towards survival, because the vital force is not flowing (or is spending energy to deal with the unresolved factor) it cannot reach other areas which may also need rebalancing leading to the accumulation of factors which have not been dealt completely.

3.  Symptoms are signs of imbalance which result of vital force’s attempt to rebalance. It is easy to understand physical symptoms as messages: pain as a result of tightness and protection against movement after an injury; itchiness as a result of blood circulation and cells detoxifying after a sting; mucus forming as a result of membrane protection after the invasion by a pathogen.  Mentally, we also try to adjust to the imbalance with: closeness, fear, suppression, blockages.

4.  During your consultation, we should be able to understand the relative importance of certain aspects of your life in your health and ascertain the exact way these have affected your vital force. Some events/factors add to the initial imbalance in ways that they need to be treated/removed first before we are able to deal with the earliest conditions. It is your homeopath’s job to assess what needs support and when to do it.

5.  Although it is not clear the exact physical mechanism in which homeopathic medicines work in the body, when indicated, remedies support the self-healing process. Contrary to chemical drugs, they do not force physiological reactions thus the process only occurs when the body is ready.  For the same reason, homeopathic remedies do not have side-effects and contra-indications, may be taken alongside other therapies, by patients of all ages and conditions. (Always seek professional advice before self-prescribing homeopathic remedies)

6.  When taking your clinical case, your homeopath shall try to answer these questions:
- what is the original CAUSE of imbalance
- are there any OBSTACLES to cure
- can I cure this NOW
then decide which of the WHOLE- or PART-PATIENT METHODS to apply.

7.  In consultation, the information you give may suffice to answer these questions. Yet, due to lack of knowledge, memory, awareness or ability to express, a patient may not be able to provide with enough data and the homeopath must be able to identify the role of certain factors in blocking the vital force.

8.  Sometimes, the original cause of imbalance is accessible and our vital force is able to recover completely once unblocked.  In the cases we are able to deal with the cause directly we apply WHOLE-PATIENT METHODS.

9.  Whenever the factors of imbalance have accumulated and the original cause of imbalance is ‘covered’ with many other ‘strains’ in its natural tendency to rebalance, we need to go by stages.  Those other ‘strains’ are called OBSTACLES to cure and they need to be removed before we can address the original cause.  Depending on the nature of the obstacles to cure, we apply different PART-PATIENT METHODS.

10. Obstacles to cure add layers to the path of cure and it is important to identify these in a patient’s time line. The main types are:
- toxicity
- radiation
- bad nutrition
- physical injury
- stress
- emotional traumas

11. The modern practical homeopath is very acquaint the potential side-effects of allopathic drugs and will spend time investigating the possible links between previous treatments, developed susceptibility and your present symptoms. Unfortunately, modern drugs may cause frequent and long-term damage, diminish organ function and impair self-healing capacities. Fortunately, modern homeopathy has developed tools to deal with this impact and patients are supported not only with their conventional treatments but also during the withdrawal from drugs. (Please note you should not stop any of your current prescribed drugs before discussing it with your doctor)

12. After listing the obstacles to cure chronologically, your homeopath will establish a therapeutic approach to address each of them.  This strategy is complemented and revised at each consequent follow-up consultation.  You will be informed of this so you can play an active and contributing role in your individual process.

13. As your therapy develops and each obstacle is removed, the clinical picture becomes clearer and you get closer to the original cause of imbalance.  As you ‘un-suppress’ and recover your self-healing capacities, you may become more aware of your body and mind needs, certain issues will become clearer to you, your response to the homeopathic therapy will become swifter and your energy levels improve.
Once all obstacles to cure are addressed, your vital force will manifest itself distinctly and a homeopathic whole-patient method is indicated to address the original cause.

14. In cases when obstacles to cure are present but they are not removed before a whole-patient method is applied, the vital force is likely not to be able to rebalance completely and two resulting scenarios are possible:
- relief of symptoms is attained only temporarily and cure is not permanent.
- intensity of present symptoms and discomfort increases, i.e., there is aggravation.

15. When seeking a holistic approach to your conditions you are not only acknowledging that the emotional, physical and immune systems are connected but also that in order to achieve consistent and permanent health we need to address the real cause of disease rather than just covering symptoms up.  Following this systematic and individualised approach you are likely to improve the condition you came to visit me for from the first consultation, avoid aggravation and attain total homeostasis in the long term.

16. In conclusion, our therapeutic strategy respects your vital force’s ability to recover and allows healing for each organ and system, supporting the body and the mind towards total harmony and wellbeing.

© Dr Adriana Candeias, 2014