Practical Homeopathy


You may have experienced different interpretations of your condition, particularly if you have consulted different practitioners with a holistic approach to health.  This is because there are many possible ways to ‘read’ a patient’s clinical picture, depending on the amount of information we have access to and the tools we use to interpret it.  However, as we analyse your needs from a modern perspective the right therapeutic strategy to follow becomes clear.

A Practical Homeopath follows the principles of Homeopathic Medicine as defined by Hahnemann’s Organon Volume VI, applying a precise and individualised methodology to each patient’s situation.

I have summarised the line of thought I apply in my clinic analysis as established by Ellen Kramer and taught at The College of Practical Homeopathy.

In order to get acquaint with the healing process read the following link. This will assist you in understanding not only my therapeutic approach but also your own process as a patient.

If you are a homeopath or a student and would like to know more about Practical Methodologies please contact me for tutorials and supervision.

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