WORKSHOP – Primal health and the origins of health


The ultimate update on fertility, birth and nutrition for health professionals.

by Dr Adriana Candeias

Norfolk, Saturday, April 25th, 10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Throughout the centuries, our understanding of the causing factors of disease has evolved through diverging perspectives.  Nevertheless, prevention of disease has not necessarily become easier and we now believe that a new look into the elements that contribute to health is needed.

In this seminar we will:

- discuss the most recent advances in human physiology understanding that the keys to an adult’s wellbeing lies in the period between conception and early years;

- reveal the breakthrough in birth physiology and learn how practitioners can support their pregnant patients and their babies’ health better;

- discover how our immune response, hormonal health, emotions and the food we eat are all correlated through a tiny basic yet fascinating molecule.

Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane Norwich NR2 1EW

£50 early bird (before March 15th)
£55 (after March 15th)

Melanie Cook