Seminars and Supervision


GUT HEALTH AND CHRONIC ILLNESS - a Primal Health perspective

Seminar survey results

Thank you for participating and answering the survey regarding my seminar on Gut Health and Primal Health. Here is a summary of your responses (80% of the attendants!!!):

1) Most of you thought the seminar was well organised.

2) Most of you found the level of the presentation good and the information was extremely useful.

3) The majority of you rate the event overall as Excellent and I am glad I am very likely to see you again at one of my seminars.

4) Many of you would have preferred more time for Q&As and a bit more of time for reflection.

5) It is gratifying to know some of you have already started applying the knowledge in your personal and professional work. (Would love to hear more about the results!)


I would like to continue to support you and your practice and share my experience with reference to specific remedies and healing tools.  Just drop me a line with your questions.  If you would like to take it further, I also provide supervision on clinical prescription for students and graduates. We may book a session at my clinic or through skype/phone/facetime.


  • Oxytocin: the physiological meaning of “Love”
  • Pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding: an urgent update for professionals
  • Natural fertility, natural children
  • Grief and Joy (1): the liberation of the child into the fulfilled adult
  • Grief and Joy (2): the excellent design of happy relationships


Please drop me a line if you would like to be informed of future events.